Grain processing and storage

SolTerra Cereais experience provides a follow-up and development service to improve the processing of products owned by farmers or companies.

The processes developed by SolTerra Cereais minimize the attack of pests and insects and ensure more efficient results in the storage process, thereby reducing costs and losses.

SolTerra Cereais is accredited by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) and the National Supply Company (CONAB), award achieved due to standardization, formalization, documentation and strict quality controls in its internal processes, which are always in constant review and enhancement.

Investment in new technologies in order to ensure product quality, cost and loss in storage of grain reduction, is a constant at SolTerra Cereais. The cooling system in warehouses which keeps the grains in refrigeration at temperatures that prevent the spread of pests and insect infestation, preserving the quality of grain, is considered cutting-edge and groundbreaking technology.
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