Stock outsourcing

The storage capacity in Brazil is outdated and there are no prospects, in a short time, to fill in this gap of logistics deficiency, poor-quality roads, ports with extremely low efficiency of loading and disposal, the high operating costs, margins for grain operations, either in the international or domestic market, when it does not impair business or slows growth significantly, it reduces the profit margins of companies.

In this high cost setting of uncertainty and fluctuations in the agribusiness market, SolTerra Cereais seeks to develop sourcing strategies with the goal of minimizing impacts and even up the costs of production of meat, milk and eggs.

To meet the business demand for corn, soybeans and sorghum, SolTerra Cereais enables businesses to form batches, acquisition, processing and storage of grains to form strategic reserves or buffer stocks to prevent and minimize operational risks.

SolTerra Cereais is responsible for the reaping of products in the field, with rural producers, forming batches of products to customers and forward directly to partners, as well as being able to keep the products in its warehouses for shipment on the needs of our partners. SolTerra Cereais is able to capture products in all Brazilian states.